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Cricket Finland Achieves Historic Landmark, YLE TV to Live Telecast SM-VIKKO Cricket Finals.

Written By Admin on Tuesday, February 9, 2016 | Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Cricket Finland Goes Live on YLE2, 13th February 7.20pm Finnish Time.

February 13th (Saturday) 7.20 pm tune into YLE2 TV for the first-ever live cricket telecast in the history of Finland. Cricket fans around Finland will get a historic moment to watch live cricket in Finnish National Television YLE. .

With immense effort from the Cricket Finland team , Cricket finally paved its way through SM-VIIKKO , where 22 different sports alongside cricket will entertain the crowd in Tampere,Finland. Indeed this is a landmark achievement for  Cricket Finland as for the first time cricket will taste its live telecast in Finish National Television YLE. Suomen Krikettiliitto ry aka Cricket Finland aka Finnish Cricket Association(FCA)  is the only official Cricket governing  entity in Finland. FCA established in  1999 is also an affiliate member of International Cricket Council (ICC) since 2000. Finland has won the European Cricket Championship(DIV-4) in the year 2006.

SM-VIKKO , the three day event(Feb12-14) in TAMPERE MESSUKESKUS will glue 22 different sports in Finland where Finns can experience a variety of sports played around Finland. Here are 22 sports attending the first SM-viikko: Archery, Badminton, Biketrial, Billiards, Bowling, Chess, Cricket, Darts (both Finnish and English), Dog Sledding, Fencing, Futsal, Girevoy Sports, Judo, Miniature Golf, Ringette, Rinkball, Taekwondo, Taido, Ultimate, Underwater Rugby and X-trial.

Where is your HORSE? You have Lunch,breakfast,dinner while playing a game right? You play whole week and still sometimes you dont get a winner?. Playing cricket is similar to working full time in Finland both lasts 5 days a week (40hrsAppx),etc etc etc,  All these hoaxes about cricket will be proved wrong on February 12&13th when Finns finally will get a chance to experience the shortest and entertaining format of cricket live on flesh and TV. 
8 different cricket clubs will play a total of 16 matches throughout the event. The League is titled as 'FINNISH INDOOR CRICKET CHAMPIONSHIP' . The game format is a 6 players 12 over match with each game scheduled to last maximum 1 hour. Click here to read full rules by FCA.  The first match starts Feb 12th 13:00 while the final gets live telecast on YLE2 Feb 13th 7.20pm Finnish time. Click here for CricketFinland Official Website and event full information.

All cricket loving fans around Finland please make sure that you are there to cheer up for Cricket. We heartily request our cricket fans  in Finland to attend the final event on Saturday Feb13th , .

The following clubs are participating in the SM-VIIKKO Cricket League


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