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"Sevenzer League Cricket Marks 10th Anniversary: Prajwal's Heroic Innings Secures Maiden Title for Nepalese-Origin Team"

Written By Admin on Monday, July 8, 2024 | Monday, July 08, 2024

SevenZer League Cricket 10th Edition: A Grand Success!
Ravintola Sauraha - Sevenzer League Cricket 2024- 10th Edition

The exhilarating saga of SevenZer League Cricket  reached its zenith with the successful conclusion of its 10th edition (11 years), proudly sponsored by Ravintola Sauraha-Oulu. This Landmark event was possible due to the relentless efforts of Nepal Cricket Club ry, Club884-  members who have volunteered tirelessly over the past decade. The 10th edition Volunteer Lists: Krishna Chhetri,Bijendra Neupane, Sachindra Rimal, Sambhu KC, Arjun Pandey, Amrit Kharel, Bishal Rimal, Bibek Dhakal, Saroj Sitaula, Sarad Chand, Arun Basnet, Utsabh Kharel.

Ravintola Sauraha  Oulu, represented by Mr. Vishnu Sharma, has been a steadfast supporter, serving as both the main sponsor and title sponsor for several years. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to him and to all our previous sponsors for their invaluable contributions. The esteemed guest of honor, Mr. Nabin Bhattarai, former sponsor of 7ZER, presented the awards during the 10th edition ceremony. 

Special appreciation goes to Deurali CC and CricHunterKoivukyla, along with the organizing club, for their unwavering participation since the league's inception. Their continuous presence has significantly enriched the league's legacy. A big thank to our catering provider-  Soltee Events and Catering- for delivering mouth watering dishes during the event. 

Let's also give a big round of applause to our cameraman for  excellent work during each event.

Despite facing challenges like rain, unexpected team withdrawals, and staffing shortages, the event was successfully executed thanks to the dedication and efforts of all involved. The day commenced with a delayed start due to rain, with the first match beginning at 11:40 am, and concluded at 9:30 pm

Sevenzer League Cricket- A decade of Excellence!

Introduced in 2014, the SevenZer League Cricket is the shortest and most exciting outdoor cricket league. The name "SevenZer" reflects its unique format: 7 overs per inning with 7 players per team. 

Ravintola Susabh CC Makes History in SevenZer League

In a historic moment for Nepalese-origin cricket teams, Ravintola Susabh CC, formerly known as PGANG, emerged victorious in the 10th edition of the Sevenzer League. Facing off against Deurali CC in the final showdown, Ravintola Susabh CC displayed a dominant performance to secure their first-ever championship in the league.

Deurali CC, despite their efforts, struggled against Ravintola Susabh CC's formidable bowling attack. They managed to post a modest total of 53/6 in their allotted 7 overs. However, Ravintola Susabh CC wasted no time in pursuit, swiftly achieving the target in just 2.5 overs. The match was highlighted by a blazing batting display from Prajwal and Bimal, whose aggressive innings secured the maiden Sevenzer League title for Ravintola Susabh CC.

This triumph marks a significant milestone as Ravintola Susabh CC becomes the first Nepalese-origin team in a decade to clinch the prestigious Sevenzer League title. Ravintola Susabh CC's achievement stands as a testament to the growing influence and prowess of Nepalese-origin teams in the Finnish cricketing landscape.

Prajwal Bhandari Dominates SevenZer League with Record-Breaking Performance

Prajwal Bhandari delivered an extraordinary performance throughout the SevenZer League, dominating both with the bat and ball. Setting multiple records, Prajwal won all the Man of the Match awards for the games he played and clinched titles for best bowler, best batsman, most economical bowler, and most sixes. His stellar contributions played a pivotal role in securing Ravintola Susabh CC's maiden SevenZer League title.

Acknowledgements and Awards

We thank all participating teams for their sportsmanship and making the event a success. Here are the key performers:
  • Sponsor: Ravintola Sauraha - Oulu.
  • Winner: Ravintola Susabh CC
  • Runner Up: Deurali CC
  • Best Manager/FairPlay: Bijendra Neupane (Nepal CC, Club8848)
  • MVP - Most Valuable Player of the Series: Prajwal Bhandari (Ravintola Susabh CC)
  • Man of the Match: Final/Semifinal/Game 3/Game 7: Prajwal Bhandari (Ravintola Susabh CC)
  • Best Batsman: Prajwal Bhandari (Ravintola Susabh CC)
  • Best Bowler: Prajwal Bhandari (Ravintola Susabh CC)
  • Most Economical Bowler: Prajwal Bhandari (Ravintola Susabh CC)
  • Most 6s: Prajwal Bhandari (Ravintola Susabh CC)
  • Best Fielder: Saroj Sitaula (Nepal CC, Club8848)
  • Best Wicket Keeper: Amul Bhandari (Ravintola Susabh CC)
  • Man of the Match Game 1: Kamal Lamsal (Helsinki Stars)
  • Man of the Match Game 2: Sudarshan Ganeshanpullae (CHK)
  • Man of the Match Game 4: Sagar Regmi (Cricket Premi)
  • Man of the Match Game 5: Chetan Sing (NHCC)
  • Man of the Match Game 6: Prasant Pradhan (Deurali CC)

Sponsors and Winners of SevenZer League Cricket since 2014:

  • 2014:

    • Winner: Tampere CC
    • MVP: Hamzah Sardar Dhillon
    • Sponsor: Ravintola Mount Everest Viihola, Ravintola Basecamp, Ravintola Mantra
  • 2015:

    • Winner: Espoo Warriors CC
    • MVP: Vijay
    • Sponsor: Ravintola Basecamp, Ravintola Everest View
  • 2016:

    • Winner: Khukuri CC
    • MVP: Bibek Dhakal
    • Sponsor: Ravintola Basecamp
  • 2017:

    • Winner: The J Team
    • MVP: Sanju Shrestha (Deurali CC)
    • Sponsor: Swedish People's Party,
  • 2018:

    • Winner: The J Team
    • MVP: Kiran Luitel (Deurali CC)
    • Sponsor: Helsinki Municipality,  Mount Everest  Nepalese Cuisine , Swedish People's Party, &  Ravintola Sauraha Oulu.
  • 2019:

    • Winner: The J Team
    • MVP: Maran Mahalingam (CHK)
    • Sponsor: Swedish People's Party, Ravintola Sauraha, Oulu
  • 2020:

    • Winner: The Karakallio Kawalis
    • MVP: Arun Balakrishnan
    • Sponsor: Swedish People's Party, Ravintola Sauraha, Oulu
  • 2021:

    • Winner: Coronavirus
    • MVP: Coronavirus
    • Sponsor: Coronavirus
  • 2022:

    • Winner: CHK
    • MVP: Santosh Neupane (EagleCC)
    • Sponsor: Ravintola Royal Palace, Ravintola Sauraha, Oulu
  • 2023:

    • Winner: Magnificent 7
    • MVP: Prajwal Bhandari (PGANG)
    • Sponsor: Ravintola Sauraha, Oulu
  • 2024:

    • Winner: Ravintola Susabh CC
    • MVP: Prajwal Bhandari (Susabh CC)
    • Sponsor: Ravintola Sauraha, Oulu
Thank you all and see you again in 2025. Click here for more photos.


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