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SevenZer League 2018 - Registration Info

Written By dipaish on Thursday, June 21, 2018 | Thursday, June 21, 2018

SEVENZER LEAGUE 2018 – 5th Edition
Event Sponsor: Helsinki Municipality 
Club Sponsors: Mount Everest Nepalese Cuisine, SFP &  Sauraha Nepalese Ravintola.

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Finland Official Hard-TennisBall League Cricket.

Game format: 7 overs-7 players, 30 -50 yard boundaries
   Date: 14th July and 21st July 2018
Time: 7:00 am - 07:00pm

Venue: Herttoniemen Liikuntapuisto(Siilitie 12, 00800 Helsinki)
Organizer: Nepal Cricket Club ry, Everest8848 CC
You can register your team by filling the form available at: 


Nepal Cricket Club Ry - E8848 sincerely invites all cricket teams in Finland for their participation in the fifth edition of SevenZer League, 2018. This year the event is sponsored by  Helsinki Municipality and SFC. The sponsors of the club are: Mount Everest Nepalese Cuisine, SFC and Sauraha Nepalese Ravintola..

SevenZer league introduced in the year 2014 is the most exciting cricket league in Finland which is held every year. The name SevenZer is based on the format of the game that consists of 7 overs and 7 players. Everest8848, the organizing club is an official FCA registered cricket club. The motto is to promote TENNIS-BALL cricket and enlarge the cricketing community in Finland.
Note: We urge all participating teams to play with safety and use appropriate equipment. Organizer are not liable for any injuries during the tournament. The organizer provides the first aid for minor injuries. We strongly recommend players to get H License with insurance.


It is a two day league tournament. A maximum of 12 teams will participate  the league.  Free snacks and juice will be provided to all participating players. The game is played with a Hard-tennis ball. Teams are divided into 4 groups playing 2 games each during the league stage. The top 2 teams from each group progresses to knockout stage.Knock-Out stage consists of Quarter , Semi and Final. 

You need  at-least 7 players to play this league. A maximum of 11 members list is to be submitted to the organizer three days before the event day. 11 medals will be distributed to the Winner and runner-up team along with trophies. 

Any team can participate the tournament. Team selection is entirely based on first come first service principle, therefore do not wait for the deadline, grab your place by paying the entry fee asap.


The scoring is done via #CRICHQ using official Cricket Finland scoring platform. All the match updates will be shared on the eventpage, FB and club website.


The entry fee should be paid to the club’s account with the mentioned reference number by 5th July 2018. 
Amount: €160
Account name: Nepal Cricket Club ry

Account number: FI87 1745 3000 1791 03
Reference number: 3405
Bank: Nordea Bank, Finland


·        Winner: Trophy & Medals 
·        Runner up: Trophy & Medals 
·        Everest Pride: Most Valuable Player (1 Bat/Gloves + Trophy)
·        Everest Lord Buddha: Fair play/ Disciplined Team award (Trophy)
·        Everest Master Blaster: Best Batsmen (Trophy)
·        Everest Warrior: Best Bowler (Trophy)
·        Everest Tiger: Best Fielder(Trophy)
·        Everest Saviour: Best wicket keeper (Trophy)
·        Man of the Match in every game: Trophy
·        Most Economical Bowler : Trophy

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Surprize Prizes are also on the list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. We recommend each participating team has its all members FCA Suomi Sport Licensed. H license is recommended for the league. 
  2. A maximum of 7 players should field in an innings- Maximum 3 players allowed on leg side. The new batsmen should enter the ground within 70 secs after dismissal of wicket.  10 min innings break.
  3. Smoking is strictly prohibited within innings break and within 50 m radius of the ground or scoring premises. A separate area will be sorted out for the smokers where you are allowed to smoke when you are not playing.
  4. Abusive words and aggressive behavior are strictly prohibited; Umpire may charge further penalty runs for misbehavior activities in the field. Umpire can also ban players/team. 
  5. Bowlers are allowed to bowl a maximum of 2 overs. Only 1 bowler is allowed to bowl 3 overs. The third over must be after the fifth over.
  6. Wide/No balls cost 2 runs and re-bowled.
  7. The ball that is pitched or edged outside of the mat is deemed as a no ball and costs 2 runs. No free hit.
  8. All no balls except of the mat yields free-hit, 2 beamer will eliminate your chance to bowl further in the running game.
  9. Last man can also bat, 6th wicket is the runner.
  10. Umpire decision should be strictly followed. Discussions with umpires are abandoned.
  11. The rules of LBW apply with an exception that is the first LBW case is given as 1st Warning while the second case makes the batsman out.
  12. The standard cricketing rules are applied.
  13. Under disputes or on any misconduct, organizing committee decision should be strictly followed.
  14. Umpires explain further rules on game day.
  15. Each club should arrange water bottles for themselves and fetch water from the changing room. 
’’’’’’’’’’’Note: If weather or any other factor interrupts the tournament, it will be shifted to another viable day, Scoring and Umpiring duties will be sorted by the organizers. A representative from each club should sit aside the scorer for name info.

-------------Let’s keep the gentlemen spirit alive. Good Luck to all the Gentlemen around.-------SevenZer 2018------------------- www.cric8848.com--- Visit the event page for social updates!!

Tie-sheet (12 Teams): Sevenzer Cricket League 2018

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