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Cricket Finland VALO License 2016-- Choose The Right License Type -

Written By Admin on Thursday, April 21, 2016 | Thursday, April 21, 2016

VALO is a Finnish Sport Umbrella organization covering almost all sporting entity in Finland of which FCA is also a member. It is mandatory to have VALO License to play FCA League.VALO license certifies you as a licensed cricketer in Finland. All FCA club members must be registered with valid VALO license. However Non Fca Clubs can also get a  VALO license via one of FCA registered members club. The different types VALO license are explained briefly below;

Choose one of the following License type if you wish to play deuce ball FCA league:

18 years or older:
  • A License  (€65)
  • A License no Insurance (€35) - We strongly recommend to Choose A(65) with insurance as it covers any personal injury during games or training. You can also choose without insurance.
  • FCA Umpire also must  have A license.
13-17 Years:
  • B License (€40) - Insurance Mandatory
Under 13
  • C License (€25) - Insurance Mandatory
Note: To play FCA League you need to have one of the above licenses (A,B or C) related with your age group.

However, if you dont play FCA league but  you play tennis ball cricket or just a friendly matches, or a social member,  you still can be a registered FCA licensed Player. For this you have to take H license. With initiative to include all cricket players as a registered cricket player in Finland , FCA introduced this H or Hobby License for those cricketers who plays non official matches. 

H License- Hobby License- Tennis-ball Cricket/Friendly Matches
  • H License  (€23)- With Insurance
  • H License (€14) - No Insurance
  • You can choose any  but we recommend to choose with the insurance as it covers personal injuries during training or games.

Follow this steps to get the right VALO License type ?
  • Step 1:  Click here to open  VALO registration page.
  • Step 2:  HENKILĂ–TIEDOT- Fill your Personal Details , Click seuraa to proceed further.
  • Step 3; TIEDOT - Check your information and select the right VALO license type. Choose A to
    play FCA League or H for non FCA League.Also Select your Club. Note:  If you dont belong to any FCA registered club , you can use our Nepal Cricket Club for VALO licenses but before you do send us an email first.
  • Step 4: Hyväksyminen- Check all the boxes and click seuraa.
  • Step 5: MKASAMINEN- Scroll down , you see an invoice, pay it immediately as normal invoice Remember to put the reference number. You will receive an email conformation immediately or within a week.
  • Now you are a FCA Licensed registered Cricket Player until March-2017.
Check this YouTube video and get yourself certified licensed cricket player. Please do not hesitate to comment if you need help registering a VALO license.


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