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Espoo Warriors CC, the winner of 'SevenZer League 2015' receives accolades from Nepalese Community.

Written By Admin on Thursday, November 19, 2015 | Thursday, November 19, 2015

Espoo Warriors CC Claims the title 'SEVENZER LEAGUE 2015'

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Click Here To See All Photos of The Tournament. Sevenzer League 2015 Photos :
evenzer league facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sevenzerleague
hief Guest/Main Sponsor : Mr Jyoti Kharela (Ravintola basecamp)
Co-Sponsor: Mr Santosh Pant (Ravintola Everest View)
Organized by Everest8848 cc (FCA registered club)
SevenZer League 2015-Hard-Tennis Ball Cricket- 7 overs 7 players- One day league tournament.
9 teams (7Nepali Origin & 2 South Indian origin) ,12 games.
Partcipating teams: Club8848, CricHunters Koivukula, Deurali CC, Espoo-Warriors, Friends United , Khukuri Sports, Manakamana CC, NepalHelsinki CC, The Cricket Club.

SevenZer League is the shortest format of cricket league introduced in the year 2014 by Everest8848cc. In short, It is a 7 overs innings with 7 players in each team.  

Espoo CC remains unbeaten in the series as it slams the title ‘SevenZer League Cricket 2015 beating CricHunters Koivukula in the Finals. Vijay 69(19) and kali 44(14) together build a record unbeaten 117 runs partnership chasing 116 in just 5.3 overs. Maran’s 50 from 18 balls from CricHunter Koivukula helped them set a reasonable target of 116.

Espoo CC and CricHunters Koivukula , a South Indian origin cricket clubs , together displayed heroic deeds, as both teams donated their cash prize money to Nepal Earthquake Victims.  The donations was received by Mr. Sisan Shrestha on behalf of –We Active People; a non-profit organization in Finland, working for Nepal. Mr Jyoti Kharel (Ravintola Basecamp), the main sponsor of the league and chief guest distributed the prizes in the final ceremony.
Espoo Warriors and CricHunter Koivukula- Finalist

The credit for the success of the tournament goes to the following people:

Volunteers: Krishna kc, Arun Basnet, Deepak KC, Yadu Chalise, Sunil Chaudhary, Raj Pandey, Deepak Pokhrel, Sachindara Rimal, Pujesh Koirala, Dinesh Tiwari, Sagar Bhandari, Roshan Deuja, Sagar Thapa , Rohit-raj Bhandari, Hari Jung Sahi, Prasuchan Pokhrel, Santosh Neupane, Deepesh Chhetri, Manish Chhetri, Sanjay Bhandari, Sudeep Bhusan Aryal.
Umpires: Arun Basnet, Deepak Kc, Rabindra Nepal, Roshan Deuja, Sachindra Rimal, Sushil Chaudhary, Prasant Pradhan, Deepak Pokhrel, Sanjay Bhandari, Nawaraj Poudel , Suman Shrestha, Roshan Gupta.
Official Scorer: Krishna kc, Sunil Chaudhary, Pujesh koirala, Sagar Bhandari, Deepak Kc, Yadu Chalise.
We active People for food stall – (providing delicious momo with cold drinks).
Sponsors: Main –Sponsor -Ravintola Base-Camp (Mr.Jyoti Kharel)-
                                Co-Sponsor- Ravintola Everest-View (Mr. Santosh Pant)
Ground Bookings and Equipment: Jo Hadley
Cameraman: Roshan Deuja
Co-ordinator: Krishna Chhetri/Arun Basnet

The main entertainer of the league was Mr Vijay from Espoo Warriors scoring 282 runs with 30 sixes including a 27 balls -90 runs in a single 7 overs innings. Mr Vijay lead his team from the beginings , he grabbed Man of the Match award  in every games he played. Mr Ramesh Maharjan 89(27) from The cricket club fell 1 run short to claim the Everest god trophy .
Mr Vijay from Espoo Warriors 
Performer of  the league:
Winner: Espoo Warriors CC (€300 +trophy)
Runner Up: Cric Hunters Koivukyla (€100 + trophy)
Everest God: High Scorer in an Innings: Vijay (Espoo Warriors) (90 runs in 27 balls)
Everest Pride: (Most Valuable Player) Vijay (Espoo Warriors) (282runs)
Everest Lord Buddha: (Fair play/ Disciplined Team /Best manager) Madhu Paudel (Friends United)
Everest Monster: (Most 6's in tournament) Vijay (30 sixes)
Everest Master Blaster: (Best Batsmen) Vijay (Espoo Warriors) 282 runs.
Everest Warrior: (Best Bowler) Anil Bajracharya (Friends United) 4 wicket haul in a single match
Everest Taker: (Most wicket taker) Ganesh Acharya (Friends United) 5, wickets.
Everest Tiger: (Best Fielder) Vijay (Espoo Warriors), 2 catches.
Everest Saviour: Trophy (Best wicket keeper) Sandeep Pandey (Friends United), 4 catches.
Man of the Match (Game 1-9): Devendra Adhikari 35(15) (Deuralicc)– Vijay 55(21)  (EspooCC)– Mahesh Neupane 33(11) (Manakamana cc)– Chetan Singh 76(22)(NHCC) – Maran 37(11)(CricHunters) – Saroj Sitaula 44(19)(Khukuricc) – Anil bajracharya 4wickets (Friends United) – Vijay 90(27)(EspooCC) - Saroj Sitaula 45(15)(KhukuriCC)

Man of the Match: SF1- Maran 56(19)- CricHunters Koivukyla.
SF2- Vijay 66(19) – Espoo CC
Man of the match Final -  Vijay 69(19) –Espoo CC

Here are few clips from the tournament - Visit our Facebook page for more photos-

Receiving donation for Nepal Earthquake Victims- Sisan Shrestha-WEACTIVE PEOPLE
Lowest Score: 11/7 (Deurali CC) against Friends United (Anil Bajracharya 1.2overs 6runs 4Wicket)
Highest Score : 162/2 (NHCC)

Introducing cricket to Finnish Police

Cameraman /Volunteer MR. ROSHAN DEUJA receiving a trophy
Click here for more photos of the tournament 


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