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SuomiSport License Cricket Finland 2017. Play Official Cricket in Finland.

Written By Admin on Saturday, April 22, 2017 | Saturday, April 22, 2017

How to register for a SuomiSport license .

SuomiSport previously known as VALO is a Finnish Sport Umbrella organization covering almost all sporting entity in Finland of which FCA is also a member. It is mandatory to have Suomisport License to play FCA League Matches.SuomiSport license certifies you as a licensed cricketer in Finland. All FCA club members must be registered with SuomiSport. 
  • A-LISENSSI (€33) –  insurance(€23)- Cover any injuries while training or playing cricket— (Permit to play FCA league matches)
  • Indoor Championship Lisenssi (€7) – Permit to Play only FCA Indoor League
  • H-Lisenssi(€7)-Hobby License –(Tennis BAll Cricket and Friendly Matches/ Social Member/No FCA League Games)
  • B -Lisenssi - For members under 18 years of age-
 You can renew or get your SuomiSport license through Remember H-Lisenssi is only for social members/TennisBall Cricket/ training or non FCA games.

Note: To play FCA league matches all the club members have to select  A –License. Players are not permitted to attend any FCA League games without SuomiSport License.  Insurance is mandatory for any member under 18 years of age. Players under 18 can choose B license with insurance . We strongly recommend all the club members(18+) to choose A License  with insurance. 

Check this video and get SuomiSport ed ASAP.


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